Sam Nichol is a singer-songwriter hailing from Franklin, Tennessee. Sam’s musical career began early, as he started learning classical piano, from there he took up the trumpet and played that through a significant portion of his middle school and high school years. As a freshman in high school, Sam discovered guitar. He immediately fell in love with the way that he could create new and exciting chordal structures, and accompany himself in song. Writing seemed to be a natural next-step to his playing and he excelled in it quickly. It was not long before Sam realized that he wanted to pursue songwriting and performing professionally, so he completed an education at Trevecca University as a Commercial Music major with an emphasis in guitar and songwriting. Sam Graduated May 2017.

​His unique style finds it’s roots in Indie Folk/Soul, but also proudly exhibits his classical training and jazz influences. While his natural talent is evident, it didn't always come easy; Sam has spent a significant amount time honing his style and his skill into a palpable tone. Blending this writing style with his classical experience, his jazz influences, and his passion for unique commercial music, Sam created a refreshing style with insightful messages. Most recently, Sam created an impressive concept album titled "The Prodigal" - an 11 song expose creatively retelling the story of the prodigal child that Jesus tells in Luke 15. The Project launches July 13 of 2018!