sam creates music to reveal emotion. from moments that are the most intense, to those where where a feeling may not be evidently perceived - music can bring emotion to the forefront of the soul. sam's songs cover subject matter about God, love, and relationship. sam's sonic styling is eclectic yet cohesive, with shimmering electric and acoustic guitars over a creative blend of textures and emotive or energetic rhythms. sam's musical styling conjure memories of artists like Grizzly Bear, The War on Drugs, Coldplay, and Fleet Foxes while his dynamic vocal ability reminds listeners of artist like Jeff Buckley. 

sam recently released the first song from his forthcoming 5 song EP; "she's a feeling." the single, titled "midnight" seeks to convey the feeling of the insomniac who finds magic in the haze of a late night. unable to sleep, but fixated on the beauty of the quiet. when the world is at it's lowest, the high of the night rises above the noise. the patter of a 2 AM spring shower, the slow rolling of streetlights on an empty interstate, and the smile of the moon as she looks down on the earth all give insight to the music. 

sam's next song from the project, titled "jane" releases 4.17.20 and paints a vivid picture of lust and consequence in a dramatic track featuring a surprisingly experimental palette. the upcoming track delivers on a ghostly feeling, leaving listeners in a reflective mood.